Hints of Bohemian Chic and seventies reminiscence evoke a joyous tale of summer in Sergio Rossi’s Spring-Summer Collection 2016.

The Italian footwear brand has consolidated its partnership with Bianca Brandolini d’Adda by choosing her as the brand’s style inspiration and icon of natural beauty for this new collection.

Both inspired by a feeling of summer, Collection and Design Director Angelo Ruggeri has joined forces with Bianca to revive suggestions of a relaxed, nonchalant lifestyle.

Bold and feminine outlines, playing on contrasts of shape and colour, alternate between light and nimble flats or stilettos and more robust wedges.

Classic 1970s clogs are recast as plunging wedges, where simple turned wood gives way to beautiful hand-wrapped marquetry, made using cork and a mixture of natural wood that produces a unique pattern on each pair of shoes.

The neutral and organic range of colours is highlighted by a multi-coloured camouflage effect, while the use of crochet fabric work creates delightful patterns. Strings and embroidered thread are used as a playful way of making wedges or masculine lace-ups unique.

As evening approaches, simple braided sandals hark back to the glamour of 1970s disco music, enhanced by patterns and motifs that are embellished by the use of black and gold plating.

In this atmosphere of aesthetic eclecticism, the days are eccentric and the evenings minimalist. By deliberately playing with contrasts, the Spring-Summer Collection 2016 by Sergio Rossi takes the form of a frame that sheds its traditional decorations, before being overwhelmed by a luxurious tropical nature that celebrates the creativity and femininity that has always set this particular brand apart.

See the collection here.

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